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Prepare for Overnight Guests – Make Them Feel at Home

Whether it friends and family coming to stay or paying guests that have booked your rooms or property, it’s important to remember that it’s the little things that count.

Preparing for overnight guests and making them feel at home involves thoughtful planning and attention to detail. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare:

Clean and tidy up the guest room

Ensure the guest room is clean, organized, and clutter-free. Provide fresh linens, extra blankets, and pillows for their comfort. Add some personal touches like a vase of flowers or a scented candle to make the room feel cosy. Read our guide for adding special touches to make your guests feel at home.

Freshly laundered bed linens, towels, and a neatly arranged room create a comfortable and calming atmosphere.

Comfortable Bedding

Invest in a comfortable mattress. A bed is one of the most tranquil places to be, so imagine a bed with the unbelievable softness of luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen. Though, please be aware, this material is so pleasant that it may make your guests never want to leave their cosy new haven.

SlumberSlumber Hadar 200TC White Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases

Pictured: SlumberSlumber Hadar 200TC White Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases and Hadar 200TC White Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Remember not to compromise on quality when it comes to providing the best comfort for your guests. Ensure that a visit to your home is one worth telling their friends about.

A great way to make your guests feel comfortable in your home is to provide extra pillows and blankets in case they need that little bit more comfort. Having these readily available to use shows off convenience, allowing your guest to feel as comfortable as possible. Especially if they are a little chilly, the handiness of having a blanket in a convenient location means that, during the night, they do not have to search for it or, even worse, wake you up to find one! Our Cursa Pillows are the perfect choice for extra pillows to suit various preferences.

Provide space for their belongings

Clear out some closet space or provide a dresser for your guests to store their clothes and belongings. This will help them feel organized and at ease during their stay.

For family and friends guests, if your guest bedroom doesn’t have space for a full-size wardrobe, no problem. Slot a hook over the bedroom door, add several clothes hangers, and guests can hang up their clothes with ease. 

Stock up on essentials

Make sure your guests have everything they need during their stay. Stock up on toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. Provide clean towels and a hairdryer for their convenience.

Offer access to amenities and Wi-Fi password

Let your guests know about the amenities they can use during their stay. Inform them about the Wi-Fi password, TV channels, and any other entertainment options available. If you have a pool, gym, or spa, make sure they are aware of these facilities.

Plan meals and dietary preferences

Check with your guests about any dietary restrictions or preferences they may have. Plan meals accordingly and have some snacks or beverages readily available. Consider preparing a special breakfast or dinner to make their stay even more memorable.

Privacy and Security

Ensure your guests have privacy and feel secure in your home. Provide a spare key if needed.

Be attentive and accommodating

During their stay, be attentive to your guests' needs and make them feel comfortable. Offer assistance with directions, transportation, or any other information they may require. Show genuine interest in their well-being and make them feel like a valued guest.

For the paying guests, here are some tips to create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests: 

Have a pillow menu

Having a selection of different pillows is a thoughtful touch that can significantly enhance your guests' comfort during their stay. People have varying preferences when it comes to pillow firmness and support, so offering a range of options can make a big difference. Read our suggested Pillow Menu to go that extra mile.

Create a welcoming guest basket

Put together a thoughtful guest basket filled with snacks, water bottles, and some local treats. You can also include a small note with suggestions for nearby attractions or restaurants they might enjoy.

Respect Boundaries

While being hospitable, also respect your guests' space and privacy. Don't overwhelm them with constant attention.

Ask for Feedback

After their stay, ask for feedback to improve future experiences for your guests.

By following these tips, you can create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your overnight guests. Making them feel at home will leave a lasting impression and ensure they have a pleasant stay. Remember, the little details can make a big difference!

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SlumberSlumber Atik Egyptian Cotton 400TC Oxford Duvet Cover

Atik Egypt. Cotton 400TC Oxford Duvet Cover

Atik Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Oxford Duvet Cover

The 400 Egyptian Cotton Oxford Duvet Cover from SlumberSlumber will add classic elegance to any bedroom. Wonderfully smooth and soft to the touch, this oxford style duvet cover is a truly luxurious addition to your bed that will give you a comfortable, peaceful sleep.

Offering unparalleled durability and quality, this 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen duvet cover will stand the test of time. The sateen weave will feel wonderfully soft and smooth against your skin.

  • 400 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Oxford style border: 10cm
  • Natural and breathable
  • 7 year guarantee
  • Certified Egyptian cotton
  • Woven sateen for a lustrous sheen and silky feel
  • Washable at 40°C
  • Available in white
  • 100% recyclable packaging
SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pilllow 600gsm Medium

SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pillow Medium

SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pillow 600gsm Medium

This is the best pillow for back sleepers in the Cursa range. It also suits side sleepers with smaller frames and side sleepers who prefer a slimmer pillow.

A striped cotton percale and spiral hollowfibre pillow with extra loft and soft silk-like feel. The standard 600gsm fill gently cradles your head and neck for the perfect level of comfort and support, making it ideal for back and side sleepers.
  • Non-allergenic
  • Medium support pillow
 The Cursa 600gsm Medium Pillow suits:
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers with a smaller frame
  • Side sleepers who prefer a slimmer pillow
SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow 700gsm Deep

SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow Deep

SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow 700gsm Deep

Our deep pillows are perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers with larger frames and the ideal pillow for propping up to watch tv and for the breakfast in bed-ers!



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