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Create a Pillow Menu For Your Guests

Having a selection of different pillows is a thoughtful touch that can significantly enhance your guests' comfort during their stay. People have varying preferences when it comes to pillow firmness and support, so offering a range of options can make a big difference. 

If you want to go the extra mile, create a "pillow menu" that lists the available pillow options and their descriptions. This thoughtful gesture allows your guests to choose the pillow that suits them best. 

Here's how to provide a pillow selection for your overnight guests:

Soft and Firm Pillows

Arrange a mix of soft and firm pillows on the bed to cater to different sleeping styles. Soft pillows are ideal for those who prefer a more cushioned feel, while firmer ones offer better support for those who need it.

Our Cursa pillows offer a pillow menu all of their own. Choose from deep for side sleepers, medium for back sleepers, slim and super slim for front sleepers, there's something for all sleep styles. Find out more about our Cursa Pillows.

Non-allergenic Pillows

Some guests may have allergies, so consider providing non-allergenic pillows to ensure everyone can rest comfortably. Our Cursa Pillows are non-allergenic and our Relyon Latex Pillows are naturally anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Memory Foam or Latex Pillows

Include a couple of different pillow materials, such as memory foam or latex, as they offer distinct sensations and support. Check out our Relyon Natural Superior Comfort Deep Latex Pillow or our Velfont Viscofresh Cooling Memory Foam Pillow.

Speciality Pillows

Consider incorporating specialty pillows, such as cervical pillows for proper neck alignment or cooling pillows for temperature regulation, we have two perfect cooling options; a cooling memory foam pillow: Velfont Viscofresh Cooling Memory Foam Pillow and a cooling fibre pillow: Velfont Yeti Cooling Pillow.

Extra Pillows

Ensure there are extra pillows readily available in the guest room so guests can adjust the number of pillows they use to their preference. Our Cursa pillows are the perfect buildable option for this.

Pillow Protectors

Use pillow protectors on all pillows to maintain hygiene and freshness.

Ask for Preferences

Before your guests arrive, ask them about their pillow preferences to ensure you have the right pillows ready for their stay.

To create an enticing pillow menu, provide brief descriptions of each pillow type, highlighting their features and advantages. Presenting the pillow menu in the guest's room or through digital platforms allows them to make an informed choice. Additionally, training your staff to guide guests through the pillow selection process adds a personal touch to their experience.

By providing a selection of different pillows, you demonstrate your attention to detail and consideration for your guests' well-being, helping them feel right at home during their visit. It can also help to elevate your establishment's reputation and ensure a memorable stay for your guests.

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