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Benefits of Napping

Do you regularly find yourself reaching for caffeine or sugary drinks and snacks to get you through to the end of your working day?

If so, it's maybe time to think about fitting a quick nap into your afternoon routine.

Napping is a self-care practice that may help to refresh both body and mind, with an afternoon snooze that helps maintain your alertness or overcome that post-lunch energy slump.

We all napped as new-borns, babies and toddlers to supplement the sleep we needed at night, but over time most children's napping habits are reduced or stopped altogether in favour of a longer sleep throughout the night.

Is it time to reinstate napping into your working day routines again?

How long Should You Nap?

Most studies recommend napping for no longer than 20-30 minutes, as sleeping longer can make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Napping for longer than 20-30 minutes could mean that you enter deep sleep, which could actually make you feel more tired then before.

However, shift workers may actually benefit from a longer nap, even up to 90 minutes in length, as the napper will move through a full cycle of sleep, preventing the disorienting effects of waking up from deep sleep.

Even a 5 minute cat nap can be beneficial though, just closing your eyes for a brief rest can be relaxing and restorative as well as giving you that little bit of energy to make it through to the end of the day.


Fine Bedding Co Night Owl Coverless Duvet Turquoise Blue

Fine Bedding Co Night Owl Coverless Duvet Blue 10.5 Tog

Fine Bedding Co Night Owl Coverless Duvet Blue 10.5 Tog

The Night Owl Printed Coverless Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company is always ready for bed. No need to cover up, the Night Owl Printed Duvet has a soft touch cover which means it's always ready when it's time for bed. In 10.5 tog, its suitable for year round use.

The ideal solution for all sorts of uses including sleepovers, guest beds, camping or the perfect starter pack for university! When you want a refresh, just pop the whole thing into the washing machine. The duvet can be washed and dried and ready to go back on the bed in the same day.


  • 10.5 Tog
  • Cover: Super Soft Printed Polyester
  • Filling: 100% Smartfil Polyester from Recycled PET Bottles
  • Twilight blue in colour
  • Machine washable at 40°C, large capacity washing machine recommended
  • Fast drying, suitable for tumble drying, can be dried in just 90 minutes
  • Compact, ideal for sleepovers, guest beds, camping, for university, lorry drivers.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Smartly presented in a reusable duffle bag
  • Matching Night Owl Pillowcase Pair available to buy separately.
SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pilllow 600gsm Medium

SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pillow Medium

SlumberSlumber Cursa Back Sleeping Pillow 600gsm Medium

This is the best pillow for back sleepers in the Cursa range. It also suits side sleepers with smaller frames and side sleepers who prefer a slimmer pillow.

A striped cotton percale and spiral hollowfibre pillow with extra loft and soft silk-like feel. The standard 600gsm fill gently cradles your head and neck for the perfect level of comfort and support, making it ideal for back and side sleepers.
  • Non-allergenic
  • Medium support pillow
 The Cursa 600gsm Medium Pillow suits:
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers with a smaller frame
  • Side sleepers who prefer a slimmer pillow
SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow 700gsm Deep

SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow Deep

SlumberSlumber Cursa Side Sleeping Pillow 700gsm Deep

Our deep pillows are perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers with larger frames and the ideal pillow for propping up to watch tv and for the breakfast in bed-ers!



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