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Benefits of good sleep for Mums & gift ideas

Flowers and chocolates are the go-to choices for how to treat your mother on Mother’s Day. While these are lovely ideas, there is a third option that your mum would love this Mother’s Day – the gift of a good sleep!

What Good Does Sleep Do for Your Mum?

Every mum deserves a day of pure relaxation and indulgence – especially when you think of all the sleepless nights she’s muddled through since you were born. The perfect day of relaxation must start with the ultimate treat – a nice, long lie-in in a comfortable, snuggly bed. Breakfast in bed would complete this pampered morning.

Dan Schecter, VP of consumer products at Carpenter Co. and creator of, highlights that most mums need “a chance to re-charge their batteries”. If you can’t create a life of luxury for her, you can still “help her make the most of the sleep opportunities that she does have”. A good night’s sleep does work magic on skin, mood, and energy levels.(1) So, getting an uninterrupted snooze will have a similar effect for your mum as the expensive face cream you’ve been eyeing. She’ll enjoy brighter eyes and skin as her body goes into repair mode overnight. Plus, her skin, blood, brain cells, and muscles will be regenerated – all because of a few extra hours of sleep.(2)

Amy Gallagher, a Senior Sleep Physiologist at Cromwell Hospital writing for Bupa believes that benefits of good sleep include improvement in attention and concentration, improvement in your memory, helps towards maintaining a healthy weight, helps to keep your heart healthy and your immune system strong and helps towards your emotional and mental wellbeing. (3)

So just like a healthy diet and exercise are important factors in your health and wellbeing, getting a good night’s sleep is just as essential.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Good Sleep

1) New bed sheets

Nothing could make your mum more excited to get into bed like a set of new bedsheets can. Look for bedlinen between 200 and 600 thread count – these ranges offer luxury combined with breathability, moisture wicking and an oh-so-soft feel against the skin. Choose natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo, as these materials can wick away perspiration while your mother sleeps peacefully. You can browse our bedlinen here.

SlumberSlumber Miram 540TC Luxury Cotton Striped Bedding

Pictured: SlumberSlumber Miram Luxury Cotton 540TC Striped Duvet Cover Set

2) A personalised pillow

We know that one pillow isn’t one-size-fits-all, so with 4 different depths in our range of Cursa pillows, the perfect pillow is waiting for your mum. From super slim for belly sleepers and pillow scrunchers to deep for side sleepers and breakfast in bed-ers, however she uses her pillow there is a Cursa for her. Find out more about our Cursa pillows.

3) Cooling bedding

You could also consider giving your mum a cooling product that’ll make sure she sleeps soundly no matter how warm the room gets. The Viscofresh Cooling Pillow from Velfont will keep the sleeper at just the right temperature with its thermo-regulating fabric, while the Igloo Cooling Mattress Protector also from Velfont will let your mum enjoy a breathable, comfortable, and healthy sleep.

4) A bedtime fan

Warm weather is on the horizon, so a fan for your mum’s bedroom could make a great gift idea. It will help to cool the room – if the room is too warm, your mum could have a restless night of poor sleep. Plus, the white noise that fans make can be soothing and help drown out outside noises that could wake your mum up, like traffic or birds.

5) Chamomile tea

A box of chamomile tea can encourage your mother to relax with a cup of tea before bed. Chamomile tea contains an antioxidant called apigenin, which will help your mum drift off easily into a refreshing sleep by relaxing the nerves and muscles.






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