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7 Tips for A Good Sleep Before Going on Holiday

Who doesn’t love getting away for a break? While you’re counting down the days, your excitement bubbles a bit more the closer you get. However, all this excitement can be harmful for your sleep – especially on the night before you go on holiday, when stress and nerves are thrown into the mix, too.

When you’re stressed or excited, your body produces more cortisol and adrenaline, which raises your heart rate. This means that you may find falling asleep – and staying asleep – a challenge. This can be particularly frustrating if you’ve got an early flight and need some quality shut eye. Heading off on a holiday should be fun but, if you’re tired, it won’t be. However, you don’t have to struggle to get some sleep. We’ve gathered some tips for you to get a good sleep before going on holiday.

7 Tips for A Good Sleep Before Your Holiday

  1. Don’t Go to Bed Late - If you don’t have an early flight and don’t have to get up too early, go to bed at your normal time. Don’t go to bed late, as this could disrupt your sleeping pattern and keep you from getting quality sleep. Plus, you’ll end up not getting enough sleep to feel refreshed and ready for your flight when you get up. If you do need to get up early, try to get to sleep a bit earlier – especially if you’re driving to the airport. A warm glass of milk can help you feel sleepy, or you could try a sleeping aid. A pillow spray with a soothing blend of Lavender, Vetivert, and Camomile can help to calm your mind and body to help you to drift off. 
  2. Plan Ahead - Plan ahead and make sure that everything is ready for the following day. If you’re going to bed with a to-do list running around your head, you’ll have trouble falling into a restful sleep. Avoid this by getting all the housework done before you go to bed – don’t leave any cleaning for the day you’re leaving! Have all suitcases packed and make sure that tickets, currency, or anything else you need handy are in your bag. Writing out a checklist of things you need to do can help you get everything done. When it’s all done, you can relax and enjoy a quiet night before going on holiday. 
  3. Have Some “Me Time” - If you’re stressed out or just too excited, try to relax by giving yourself some “me time”. This is easier said than done, especially if you’ve got excited children, but even treating yourself to some quiet time after they go to bed will work, too. Have a warm bath or shower, listen to some quiet music, read a book, or even try some meditation. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that encourages you to focus on the moment, quietening any anxious thoughts you may be having.
  4. Have A Healthy Sleeping Environment - Having the best sleeping environment will help you have the best sleep. Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet. SlumberSlumber Rigel 600 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bedding Collection
  5. Leave Electronic Devices Alone - Switch off your phone, laptop, tablet, and even your TV for about an hour before you go to sleep. If you’re using your phone as an alarm, put it on silent mode so that notifications won’t disturb your sleep. The blue light that’s emitted from these screens can disrupt your body’s production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This will keep you awake when you want to be asleep. Instead, fill this hour with quiet, relaxing activities – read a book, have a bath, or listen to soothing music.
  6. Avoid Alcohol - As tempting as it might be, don’t have too many glasses of your favourite booze. While alcohol can make you feel sleepy, it’ll disrupt your sleep as you’ll wake up needing to go to the bathroom. You may struggle to get back to sleep – especially if you start thinking of your holiday and get excited. Plus, drinking too much alcohol before going to bed will keep you from getting the deep, restorative sleep that you need to wake up feeling refreshed. 
  7. Don’t Stay in Bed If You Can’t Sleep - If you’re struggling to get to sleep, don’t be hard on yourself. If you’re still awake for about twenty minutes after getting into bed, don’t stay in bed. Staying in bed when you can’t sleep will make your brain come to associate your bed with restlessness – this will make it even harder to get to sleep! Get up and go to a different room. Have a glass of milk, read a book, or listen to quiet music – anything that’s relaxing and doesn’t involve looking at a screen. Only go back to bed when you feel sleepy.

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Velfont Viscofresh Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Velfont Viscofresh Cooling Pillow

The Velfont Viscofresh Cooling Pillow with memory foam will keep you at just the right temperature during the night; not too hot, and not too cold. While we sleep, our skin is continuously perspiring, releasing the excess of body temperature.

Velfont Yeti Cooling Duvet

Velfont Yeti Cooling Duvet

The Yeti temperature-regulating duvet from Velfont is ideal for people who suffer from temperature and humidity changes during the night.

What makes this duvet even better is that thanks to its weight and production technology it can be used all year round, replacing the need to change your duvet tog with every season and also cutting down on the storage space needed for several duvets.

This cooling duvet is designed with an Outlast® cotton cover on one side to help towards a well-regulated sleeping climate throughout the night, without feeling too hot or too cold. Outlast® was originally developed for NASA to balance temperature changes. This material is designed to absorb, store and release heat that the body emits during the different stages of sleep.

If you want a cosier feel for the cooler months simply flip your duvet over and sleep with the cotton side next to you.

With a soft and lightweight Neotherm® filling, this lofty duvet is easy to care for and suitable for machine washing.

  • Suitable for all seasons and for year round use.
  • Front: 100% cooling Outlast® cotton. Reverse: 100% cotton
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Filling Composition: 100% Neotherm® polyester
  • 250gsm
  • Washable up to 40°C in a large capacity machine. Tumble dry at a low temperature. Do not iron


Velfont Igloo Cooling Mattress Protector

Velfont Igloo Cooling Mattress Protector

This Velfont temperature-regulating Quilted Mattress Protector provides a constant microclimate for your sleeping environment, not too hot, not too cold. This cooling mattress protector is ideal for people who experience fluctuations in temperature at night. The thermo-regulating Outlast® fabric acts as a buffer from changes in temperature and humidity during the night that affect sleep, creating a constant microclimate throughout the night. Helping to maintain a constant temperature, this mattress protector does all the work while you enjoy a peaceful sleep, letting you wake up feeling and looking more refreshed. The thermo-regulation of this 100% cotton quilted mattress protector also helps to reduce body perspiration as air circulates inside the filling thereby eliminating moisture that can accumulate and ensuring effective breathability. A fully elasticated skirt prevents this cooling quilted mattress protector from moving while you sleep.

  • 100% cotton blended with thermo-regulating Outlast® fabric
  • 100% cotton filling
  • For mattress depths up to 35cm and lengths up to 200cm
  • Fully elasticated skirt
  • Machine Washable at 40°C
  • Suitable for tumble drying on low
  • Ideal to be used with memory foam mattresses and pillows


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