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Benefits of good sleep for Mums & gift ideas

Flowers and chocolates are the go-to choices for how to treat your mother on Mother’s Day. While these are lovely ideas, there is a third option that your mum would...

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Benefits of Napping.

Do you regularly find yourself reaching for caffeine or sugary drinks and snacks to get you through to the end of your working day? If so, it's maybe time to...

How Do You Practice Good Sleep Hygiene?

Have you ever heard the term 'Good Sleep Hygiene'? It's often used to refer to your night-time habits, and whether your practice of good or bad sleep hygiene can have...

Sleeping Well in Spring

The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, and colourful flowers are blooming. Nature has woken up after winter, refreshed and ready for anything. So why, when the rest of the...

Benefits of cotton bedding

We may be biased but we love cotton bedding. White cotton bedding looks fabulous when you’ve completed your bedroom look and its feels fabulous when you climb between the sheets...

Your Guide to Mattress Settlement

Here at SlumberSlumber, your sleep is our most important priority. We want you to be informed about your sleep choices, so decided to put together this guide on mattress settlement.


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